Floor Plans - Custom

Builder Meeting:

We sit down with the builder and discuss what you are looking for in a new home. This is a great time to ask all the questions you have about the process.

Choose Your Floor Plan:

We have a wide variety of different floor plans to choose from, as well as working with local architects to create custom plans. If you have a plan that someone has given you or you have found online, we can bid and build it with larger garages, decks or other custom modifications.

Finding Your Land:

We have several lots to choose from or we will work to find a lot for you. During this process the builder will walk the lot with the earth worker and verify that it is a good building lot. The builder will also get input on the best location for the house on the lot.

Writing the Contract:

Now that we have picked a plan and a lot, we can write up the contract. We will work discuss the building timeframe and additional details to be clarified in the terms of the contract.

Selection Sheet:

We give you a selection sheet with all the vendor information and allowances so you can go shopping for all the colors, styles and selections for your new home.

Construction Begins:

From the time we break ground you can expect 90-120 days until completion. During this time you can do regular walk-throughs and visit the job site as much as you would like. Some changes can still be made during the building process.

Your New Home!:

Once your new home is complete we will do a final walkthrough and make sure everything is complete and you are satisfied. Once this and all professional inspections are complete we can begin the closing process on your new home.

Move In:

Once your new home officially records in your name, you will receive the keys and you are now ready to move in.

Already have a lot?

Do you already have a lot that you own or family member is giving you? If so we can easily build for you. Once we have entered into contract you can quit claim the lot into the builders name and be eligible for different types of financing while we build your new home.

5 Star Plus and $7000 Rebate

All Robert Yundt Homes can be built to 5 Star Plus energy efficiency. This will save you a lot of money over the years you live there as well as make you eligible for a $7,000 rebate from AHFC Energy Rebate program. Once the house is complete it generally takes about 60 days from filing till you have a check in your mailbox.

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Standard Building Specifications
Allowances and Upgrades